Three Books about Her

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Parish's Fancy 
Author: Walter Guest Kellogg
Ameriga Vespucci and George Parish were the scandal of Ogdensburgh, living together without benefit of clergy, until one day duty called and George set off alone to take up his duties as Baron of Senftenburg.

Frances Calderón de la Barca
Author: Marion Hall Fisherand Howard T. Fisher
Frances Erskine Inglis, daughter of a prominent lawyer and Freemason, was born in Edinburgh in 1804. As the Marquesa de Calderón de la Barca, she died in Madrid’s Royal Palace in 1882. During her life she was a teacher and successful author. As the wife of a Spanish diplomat who eventually advanced to minister of state, she became a leading hostess in Washington, Mexico City, and Madrid. For all her obvious enjoyment of position, the foundation of her character was solid and staunch. In a life that alternated between security and turmoil, she could absorb misfortunes and deal with crises. Before her marriage and after her husband’s death, she earned her living for many years at a time when comparatively few women of her status worked for money. And she was always an infectious source of pleasure to friends. 

The Art of Being an Artist: Sally James Farnham, American Sculptor
Author: Peter H. Hassrick
Born in Ogdensburg, NY on November 27, 1869 to a family of pedigree and some wealth, Sarah Welles James was a precocious child fond of horses and the great outdoors.

With the support and guidance of her husband and close family friend, Frederic Remington, who would famously call one of her early works ” ugly as sin”, yet “full of ginger,” Sally dove into a career as a serious sculptor at the age of thirty-two.