Ranch Life in the Far West

Ranch Life in the Far West by Theodore Roosevelt and illustrated by Frederic Remington.

Paperback. 96 pages.

Long before Theodore Roosevelt became America's 26th president, he tried his hand at cattle ranching in the Badlands of North Dakota. 
Initially, Roosevelt traveled west to hunt Buffalo in 1883, but due to the diminishing herds it took him 10 days to get his Bison.   Over numerous campfires during that 10 day period he realized the potentially profit of cattle ranching and asked to buy into a partnership of the Maltese cross ranch; later setting up his own ranch, the Elkhorn.  He managed to get along until the disastrous winter of 1886-87 when most ranchers of the area lost between 60 and 70 percent of their range cattle.  
Roosevelt continued to visit his ranches as late as 1896, when his political and military adventures compelled him to sell out the last of his interests in 1898.


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